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Autumn Menu

Autumn Menu
For starters
Iberian Acorn Ham D.O. “LosPedroches” and typical Galician green peppers (**)
Foie mi cuit terrine with black sesame, caramelized provolone cheese and raspberry freeze (****)
Whole lobster, crab salad and “salmorejo” (tomato and bread cream) (*)
Seafood from Rias Baixas salad and cider vinegar (***)
Fine pods, autumn mushrooms, prawns and mussels
Sea bass, scallop and octopus ceviche with curls of red endives and boletus
Juicy clam rice with squid and garlic oil dressing air
Vegetables “Udon” (thick noodle made from wheat flour, popular in Japanese food) and supreme grilled pigeon
Fresh artichokes from Tudela, black mushroom from Ultzama, grilled foie and crispy Prawn with pear fagottini and Iberian cream
Egg at 62ºcocotte with mushrooms, creamy potato and truffle

Supplement of 15 € on the menu ** Supplement of 6 € in the menu *** Supplement of 4 € in the menu ***** Supplement of 3 € on the menu
To continue...
Fish of the day
Roasted scallop, sea urchin and vegetable garden treasures junket with Radicchio (red chicory) air
Grilled octopus, Iberian dewlap and creamy “cachelos” (baked potato)
Grilled squid, sweet “chalota” (small elongated onion), roasted celeriac and garlic oil dressing foam
Tuna tataki, teriyaki, jelly spring onion and sesame
Steak, prawns and brioche (**)
Crispy roasted lamb, dried fruit and nuts and col slawn
Sirloin with foie, pea and basil pesto and Oporto wine sauce (*)
Magret, cranberry cream and “lactulina” (milk and lime cream)
Wood pigeon, fake parmesan cheese risotto and farmhouse apple cream

** Supplement of 18 € on the menu * Supplement of 6 € in the menu
And finally, our homemade desserts
Autumn in the lemon tree Lemon of lemon and yogurt ice cream
Antivirus Ballantines liqueur ice cream on Bourbon brulée and flashes of red fruits
Amazing Sweet burger... Everything will surprise you, chocolate, fruits, etc...
Classic Caramelized French toast, almond tile and Oreo biscuit ice cream with Chips Ahoy
Natura Curd and honey bee in passion hive and almond cake
"Trampantojo" (Illusion) Apricot cheesecake, cherry bone from Milagro and lemon peel ice cream

Bread and water are included.
39,00 €
Children's Menu
Mixed fried starters
Lamb ribs with fries
Chocolate tulip with ice cream and lollipop

Bread, water and soft drinks
18 €