Logo Restaurante Palacio Castillo de Gorraiz


The Díez de Ulzurrun Goñi family which had been in the Navarrese restaurant business for a hundred years ever since they opened the charming old Venta de Ulzama, now a fourth-generation business, decided in 1998 to restore and renovate this old Palace. The process included designing meticulously-planned infrastructures as concerns space and technology and, of course, just the right team to personally handle either an intimate dinner or a wedding or congress with no difficulties all while engaging visitors with an art collection comprised of works by various painters from Navarre as well as other parts of Spain, serving them with gastronomy, hospitality and friendship.

Today, in honour and in memory of the gallant knight Don Lanzarot de Gorraiz, rising high above the palace are the colours of his standard.