Our philosophy is all about the utmost respect for local products from Navarre’s garden, which offers us so many delicious foods each season, and from our mountains - mushrooms and other fungi; not to mention our meat of extraordinary quality, the fish and seafood that arrives daily from the nearby Cantabrian Sea and our artisan, homemade desserts which provide an explosion of flavours for the palate.

This is Patxi and José Ignacio Díez de Ulzurrun Goñi’s kitchen where they combine all their experience with their constant curiosity for innovation all while maintaining the essence and values of the very best service.



The Menu

Our menus are seasonal so that we can always offer the best of each season. We also have a set daily menu and set company menus, which are even more variable as we offer the best products from the day’s markets.

Group menus:


Rest. del Reyno

The Reyno Restaurant Association brings together prestigious chefs who promote Navarrese cuisine. They all have deep respect for maintaining the identity of what’s traditional, motivation for innovation through new techniques and an obsession for finding the best native ingredients for their creations.